Insanity Total Body Workout Review

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The infamous Shaun T, creator of HipHop Abs, dedicated his life to encourage people to lose weight, stay fit, and most of all look their best! With all of his past experiences with body sculpting, Shaun T carefully compiled a comprehensive workout to test the limits. Maximizing total body fitness, this workout is by far the most challenging ever to be released on DVD. As a home based workout program, it’s so rugged that he named it “Insanity” kind of ironic…

Comparing other workout programs to the Insanity workout program yields no match. However, be warned that this is not for beginners. Specifically, those who are suffering from obesity or heart disease may find this to be extremely strenuous. Furthermore, Insanity total body workout is based on Max Interval Training. This means that there is no easy way to complete the 60 day program but the insanity way, no pun intended.

It took guts for Shaun T to develop such an intensive workout program. Especially, on DVD as a DIY or Do-It Yourself program. The blunt reality is that people have a difficult time motivating themselves. The intensity projected in the total insanity workout, it doesn’t take much to call it quits. Surprisingly, this workout product blasted off within the past 2 years. It appears that people are beginning to recognize the profound impact of the Insanity workout program. All it really takes is that “one person” to do it all the way and have undeniable proof that it works.

Just like P90X created by Tony Horton, it took that “one person” to change the World’s perspective. That one person could be you, what do you think? Can you keep up with Shaun T? Well, Shaun likes to think so.

Now don’t be confused between P90X and Insanity by Shaun T. Both are excellent programs however, they boast a powerful workout routine to satisfy many Olympic athletes. That doesn’t mean if you wer to complete either workout program you’ll be as fit as an Olympic Athlete… sorry. However, you can definitely expect to see amazing results.

What are the specifics of Insanity…?

In this review on Insanity workout program, it is the author’s goal to provide as much information as possible for the reader to educate themselves about the pros and cons of Insanity. Here in this section, we will dive into the specifics of Insanity such as, the workouts, program duration, insanity nutrition guide, and insanity workout calendar.

Program Contents:
The Insanity 60 day workout program comes in a 10 disc DVD set with additional information to get you off on a good start. The additional information included are; Intro guide, Insanity Nutrition Guide, and Insanity Workout Calendar.

Let’s first look at the overall program. We know now that the method behind this madness is called Max Interval Training. In short, this type of training involves maximum-intensity exercise with short periods of rest. However, Shaun T wanted to take it to another level by switching it up between aerobic intervals to anaerobic intervals.

Shaun T found out the secret in defeating what’s known as “stress adaptation response”. This is when the body stops improving by exercising at the same level of exertion. Another common term used by many workout enthusiasts is “plateau”.

Another secret to the insanity before and after results is the magic behind heart-rate. Shaun T’s Insanity workout program drives your heart-rate to the MAX. Most workouts raise your heart-rate to 75 to 85 percent. Insanity, when done correctly will raise the heart-rate to 85+ percent which Shaun T believes you’ll get into the best shape of your life, FAST!

Some points to look at when starting Insanity:

1. Consult to your physician to make sure your body can handle the stress load.
2. Get all your measurements and a before photo
3. In the DVD collection there is a DVD labelled “Fit Test” Do it and see where you stand in terms of overall fitness.
4. When doing the Insanity workouts make sure to follow the Insanity Workout Calendar and Insanity Nutrition Guide.
5. Safety first, assess your environment and make sure if you have hardwood flooring to use a yoga or exercise mat. Also, wear supportive shoes such as cross-training shoes rather than running shoes.
6. On those sore days, make sure you get a lot of rest to repair and use ice to reduce soreness.

The breakdown of the program

The overall insanity program duration is 9weeks long. This includes one week of recovery workouts which is highly recommended and Sundays off if starting on Mondays.

Workout Routinea

Month One / Phase One

Fit Test
Polymetric Cardio Circuit (40mins)
Cardio Power & Resistance (45mins)
Cardio Recovery (30mins)
Pure Cardio (65mins)

Recovery Week

Core Cardio & Balance (45mins)

Month Two / Phase Two

Fit Test
Max Interval PLY0 (60mins)
Max Cardio Conditioning (48mins)
Max Recovery (48mins)
Max Cardio Conditioning (45mins) & Cardio Abs (20mins)
Core Cardio & Balance (45mins)

Insanity’s Elite Nutrition Guide

Food is your only fuel source, getting the right types of food at the right time will not only give you energy but help in the recovery process. This nutrition guide was R&D for most intense workouts of your life. Keep in mind when participating in the insanity workout regime, YOU CAN’T GO LOW-CALORIE OR LOW-CARB. You will burn through everything you eat, whether carbs, fat, or protein. Losing weight may require strict attention on the types of foods and the right proportions.

The guide will start out by explaining the fundamentals of healthy eating such as avoid artificial sweeteners etc. A toxic body will not perform well under the insanity conditions. So, it is very important to remove toxins from the body by eating high quality foods. Furthermore, avoiding toxic foods will undoubtedly promote longevity.

The insanity workout nutrition plan is not a diet plan. Some may feel like this is another diet plan scheme. You will not and to worry about that. Insanity elite nutrition is based on 5 meals a day, containing about the same calories in each meal. This type of eating habit will maintain stamina and optimizes metabolism. This insanity guide will show how to increase calorie intake for those who require more.

Each meal roughly contains 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fats. To maintain blood sugar levels, this guide only suggests foods which have a low glycemic index. It is highly recommended to eliminate high glycemic foods to prevent sugar rapid spikes and crashes. Now, as intense the insanity workout is, you have to assume that the meal plan is as well. The truth is that the insanity nutrition guide is very comprehensive. This is the most important part of your life regardless of the insanity workout program. If there is one thing you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life, it’s this nutrition guide.

Make sure to take the time to read everything in this Elite nutrition guide. There is so much information that it can be elaborated on in a separate article.

Insanity Calendar

It’s pretty self-explanatory, the insanity workout calendar is a drawn out chart broken down into two phases. Here you will find a simple way to understand the routines if you’re the visual type. It’s also useful to print out and placing it on the fridge, workout room or anywhere that you tend to be most of the time. You can also travel with this guide/calendar as a way to remind to quickly what are your challenges for the day.

If you read the entire article by now then you should be familiar with the workout program. In this insanity calendar you will virtually see the same details however in a chart form, to make things easier. The phases are relevant to the months; Phase one=Month One and Phase Two=Month Two. However, the only missing information on this calendar is the recovery week. Nevertheless, it is a great way to manage your day without having to look through the Insanity intro guide.

Insanity by Shaun T is by far the hardest workout program on the market. Following through with everything will present more than satisfactory results. However, most people don’t want to exert that much energy on a daily basis, even for 60days. Sadly, the 21st century got all of us wrapped up into so many things, making it difficult to add this type of workout program into life. That is why Shaun T created the Focus T25 workout program.

There is a profound amount of testimonies on youtube, blogs, and forums raving about the amazing results of insanity 60 day program. So, there is no doubt that it works. If you are looking for an answer as to whether it works, well there you have it. If you are considering taking the 60 day insanity challenge, do your due diligence by following all the precautionary measures first.

To your health, Good Luck!

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